The voice and face of 1x5 Games, Skully is our lovable pirate mascot. He's into the typical pirate things....cursing, drinking, and looting! If you have any questions about us, reach out to Skully and he'll get back to you when he arrives in the next port!


Matt Rowntree

Matt is the Director of Art, and co-founder of 1x5 Games. When he's not messing around with the 'pooter, he's drinking himself to like 6PM.

A student of Life, Matt brings a wealth of artistic knowledge to the team with a unique sense of humor and whisky in his veins...which is a prerequisite for joining the team!

It only took Heath a half pint to convince him to join in on the madness, which was probably a few pints too soon. :P

He is a lifelong LEGO fan who can out build the best of them, but is humble enough to learn new techniques from others. Check out his works on Flickr when you get an opportunity...and want to stalk his sexy ass!


Heath Flor

Our head of Game Design is likely to have a dram of whisky in one hand, and a cold beer in another. Which makes it quite difficult to take notes until he finishes one or the other. 

Heath's passion for creating new gaming experiences helped to drive him and Matt to join forces to bring 1x5 Games to life.

Nut Punch! was their first design idea together. Heath explained the concept to Matt throughout a day of drinking at a local beer festival. Within minutes Matt was on board, and they both began to put their vision together.

In his past life, Heath reviewed video games for Neoseeker for nearly 4 years. As his family began to grow up, he began playing more and more tabletop games with them. Today, his kids help play test unproven designs, and often act in our demo videos.

With a notebook full of game ideas, Heath doesn't foresee himself slowing down anytime soon! Keep an eye out for him at your favorite gaming conventions, and don't be afraid to say, "Hi!" (preferably with a cold beer!)